Guest Researchers at Montanuniversität Leoben

Are you planning to visit Leoben for a research stay?

Montanuniversitaet Leoben is a member of the EURAXESS network. EURAXESS is a platform that provides extensive information about mobility matters, allows universities and individual people to connect and find projects and funding possibilities. It offers an opportunity for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities and businesses to connect and interact with each other.


At our university, many guest researchers work in different departments, chairs and institutes within the framework of joint research projects or as part of their doctoral studies. It should be noted that guest researchers are not employed at the University of Leoben. They are therefore not entitled to a salary or any other kind of financial compensation and are not insured through the University. They can only be supported by external funding.

Our Welcome Guide for International Researchers will help you to prepare your stay.

The MIRO - Welcome Center helps with the registration at the university and is also your point of contact for questions regarding entry, accommodation, insurance etc.

  • Contact the department or institute at MUL which you want to visit and discuss with your supervisor the possibilities for your stay as a visiting researcher or guest PhD student
  • Your supervisor must inform the MIRO-Welcome Center about your research stay
  • Guest researchers will be registered at the university's Personnel department with the status "Guest Researcher" and the secretary of your supervisor can apply for a personnel number (p-number). This will give you access to the university intranet "MUonline" and Lotus Notes.
  • Guest PhD students are registered as incoming guest PhD students through the Study Support Center
  • Please read the information on how to prepare your stay (see below: Before arrival, First steps..., etc.)
  • Visit the MIRO-Welcome Center after your arrival in Leoben

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Welcome Guide for international Researchers

1. Entry & Residence

EU/EEA and Swiss nationals can work without a visa or residence title. For stays longer than 3 months, EU/EEA nationals have to apply for an EU/EEA confirmation of registration („Anmelde­bescheinigung“) at the local municipal authority (Bezirkshauptmannschaft Leoben) within the first 4 months of their stay.

Non-EU/EEA nationals require a valid visa or residence title for employment to work in Austria, even if they could enter the country on a tourist visa.

  • Stay for a maximum period of 6 months
    Researchers who want to stay in Austria for less than 6 months can apply for a Visa C for gain­ful employment (for stays of up to 90 days) or for a Visa D for gainful employment (for stays in Austria from 91 days up to a maximum of 6 months) at the competent Austrian representative authority in their country of residence. These visas are free of charge. Due to the planned taking up of employment a visa for gainful employment is required even in the case of a general right to enter without a visa. With a visa for gainful employment you may start your research work immediately after entry.
  • Stay for longer than 6 months
    Researchers who want to stay in Austria longer than 6 months need to apply for a residence title. In order to enter Austria you have to apply in person for a visa D at the competent Austrian representative authority in your country of residence. If you want to start working immediately after entry, you have to apply for a visa D for gainful employment. The visa allows you to enter Austria where you can apply for a Residence title at the competent residence authority (Bezirks­hauptmannschaft Leoben).

The Welcome Center can support you in finding the right visa or residence title, please get in touch well in advance.

Guest Researchers from non-EU/EEA countries require a support letter (Letter of Invitation) from their supervisor at Montanuniversitaet Leoben to apply for a visa or residence title. The Welcome Center can provide support in obtaining the letter, please get in touch well in advance.

Further information and forms: OeAD

2. Important Documents

If possible, you should bring along the following documents for your stay at Montanuniversitaet Leoben. Please note that these are suggestions - not all documents may be required, depending on your individual situation.

  • Valid passport - your passport should be valid for your entire stay.
  • Visa or residence title for Austria
  • Passport photos for new ID cards/documents (digital + analogue, please see ICAO criteria!)
  • Written documentation of funding, e.g. scholarship confirmation, salary from home country, etc. in German/English.
  • Health insurance confirmation - Guests have to fulfill the (travel) health insurance requirements to be issued a visa.
  • Copies/legalized copies of your completed academic degrees + German/English translation.
  • Birth certificate, certificate of marriage + German/English translation and legalized copies, if available.
  • Birth certificates of biological or adopted children + German/English translation + legalized copies, if available.
  • Credit card and/or debit card, if available
  • Record of immunisation (also of relatives coming to Leoben with you)
  • Driving licence/international driving license, if available

Please make sure you also bring some cash (Euro) for your first day(s) in Leoben. Not all bars and shops accept credit/debit cards yet.

Check if your documents need an authentication:


3. Accommodation

Leoben offers a wide range of housing possibilities. You can find apartments and rooms for rent by private parties or real estate agencies as well as rooms in student residences.

If you are staying in Leoben for one month or longer or if you are looking for temporary ac­commodation while searching for an apartment, you may be interested in one of our student residences. The OeAD housing office is Austria‘s main provider of accommodation for visiting international students and researchers from around the world.

Our recommendation: OeAD Mineroom

4. Insurance


EU/EEA citizens who have a national health insurance in their home country and who stay tem­porary in Austria can apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with their national health insurance provider. This is a free card that gives access to medically necessary state-pro­vided healthcare in Austria under the same conditions and at the same costs as people insured in Austria.

Guest researchers from non EU/EEA countries need to take out a health insurance that is valid in Austria from the day of their arrival for the duration of their stay with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euro and guarantee of recovery and repatriation costs in case of an accident.

You have to provide a confirmation about your insurance when applying for a visa or residence title at the competent Austrian representative in your home country.

Further information: OeAD


5. Options for Research Funding and Financing

1. Residence Registration

Residents in Austria are required to register their place of residence with the authorities within three days before or after moving to a new address.

Hotels or other providers of lodging are responsible for registering their guests.

Documents needed:

  • Completed application form, i.e. residence registration form (Meldebestätigung) and your landlord’s signature if you live in a rented flat.
  • Valid passport
  • If you hold more than one citizenship you need to submit all documents proving your identity, place of birth, and nationalities, i.e. travel and ID documents

After completing the registration process, you will be given a residence registration certificate for your place of residence (Meldebestätigung über den Wohnsitz). No fees apply.
Registration Office in Leoben: Citizen Services Centre in the Leoben City Hall, Erzherzog Johann-Straße 2

Further Information: Residence Registration

2. EU/EEA Nationals: Confirmation of Registration

In addition to the residence registration, EU/EEA nationals who plan to stay longer than three months in Austria must also apply for a confirmation of registration (Anmeldebescheinigung) with the municipal authority within 4 months. Attention: Non-compliance with this regulation can lead to a fine of up to 250 Euro!

Further Information:

3. Opening a bank account

If you plan to stay in Leoben for a longer period, it may be useful to open a bank account with an Austrian bank. To open the account, you will need a proof of identity (passport or ID card), proof of residency (confirmation of residence registration = Meldezettel) and proof of employment or student identification.

You can use the current account comparison web portal (Girokonto-Vergleichsportal - only available in german) on the website of the Austrian Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer) to help you search for a bank.

Infosheet: Banks in Leoben

1. Learning German

If you would like to improve your German, you can attend a language course held at our Center for Foreign Language Proficiency and Key Competencies. Further information about how can you sign up for these courses and their costs can be found on their website.

 2. Public Transport

Passengers can choose between different bus lines within the municipal area of Leoben and Trofaiach. Travel in the Leoben / Trofaiach area takes place in one fare zone, zone 102.

More information about:


3. Childcare and Schools

A broad range of schools, kindergartens and nurseries make Leoben an attractive place to live for families. Here you’ll find an overview of the different educational institutions and the offerings of the Family Services Office.

4. Illness & Emergency

If you feel ill, your first point of contact will usually be a general practitioner (Praktischer Arzt). If necessary, the doctor will then refer you to a specialist (Facharzt) or a hospital. It is recommended to arrange an appointment in advance.

In case of an acute medical problem (illness, injury, severe pain etc.) you may go straight to the hospital: LKH Leoben, Vordernberger Straße 42

 List of doctors who speak English in Leoben


Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • Emergency Hotline: 112
  • Fire Department: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Pharmacy information contact: 1455
  • Poison control centre: +43 1 406 43 43