Erasmus+ in Europe

Erasmus+ fosters the mobility of students as well as academic and non-academic staff in higher education institutions. Eligible for participation in the Erasmus+ program are the 27 EU member states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the former Yugoslav republic Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

Via Erasmus+, students can study abroad for up to 12 months per study level (Bachelor / Master / PhD).

Coursework/research from abroad will be acknowledged by the home institution if it corresponds to the previously confirmed Learning Agreement.

  • Successful completion of first 2 semesters of Bachelor‘s program (60 ECTS). For visiting Master level courses abroad: successful completion of first 4 semesters of Bachelor’s program.
  • An Erasmus Agreement must exist between home and host university.
  • At least 3 ECTS/month of the stay abroad must be acknowledged at the home institution after the stay. For research stays: a confirmation of the supervisor supporting the stay abroad/confirming the research progress must be handed in before and after the stay.
  • Purpose of stay: full-time study, writting parts of Bachelor/Master/PhD thesis


  • Stay of at least 2 months - max. 12 months


For recipients of Austrian federal aid for students, an increased grant is possible in addition to the Erasmus+ mobility grant. This needs to be applied for directly at the Student Aid Body ("Stipendienstelle")