Online Summer School

CirCOOL - The Aluminium Cycle

Online Classes and Workshops from 12 - 16 July 2021

Since its start in 2018, we are welcoming students from all over the word to our interdisciplinary international summer school program CirCOOL at Montanuniversitaet Leoben. Last year due to the pandemic, we adapted the program digitally and continue this online format this year once again.


The 2021 CirCOOL edition focuses on Aluminium - its production, processing, usage and recycling. The CirCOOL program aims to create awareness of the circularity of materials within the circular economy, which our society is based on and which need to be managed carefully. The program intends to enable students to see the bigger scope of their specific educational field and what it can contribute to the whole material circle. CirCOOL is arranged in a modular structure, which mirrors the various major steps of the value life cycle -  this year especially focusing on Aluminium.

Online expert lectures are completed with a virtual industry field trip, a virtual campus- and city tour through Leoben, as well as a "German crash course". Each participant will be sent a goodie package as a souvenir.


  • 2 ECTS
  • max. 20 participants
  • Registration deadline: Monday, 28 June, 12am CET
  • Preparation days: 7-11 July 2021, flexible
  • Online classes: 12-16 July 2021, 10am-4pm CET
  • Full-Time online course/self-study and preparation
  • Program fee: 250 EUR


Participants of the CirCOOL Program 2019: