Courses for Exchange Students

Here you can find the list of courses offered in English for our exchange students from the different field of studies. Further you can find information about the Austrian grading system and the academic calender at MUL.

INFORMATION: The new list of courses opened for exchange students is in progress . In the meantime you can use as reference last year´s list. If you have any questions please to not hesitate do contact your coordinator at MIRO: incoming(at)

  • The list of the courses offered in English open to exchange students can be found here as well as the infosheet on how to find more details about the courses in MUonline "How to search for courses in MUonline"
  • Please note that some courses have prerequisites!
  • Courses are subject to change and might be cancelled.
  • Courses that are part of a ‘Universitätslehrgang’ (ULG= ‘University Training Course’) are NOT open to incoming exchange students!
  • Incoming short term BSc level students are allowed to take MSc level classes, if they have completed min 90 ECTS in their BSc studies.
Grading System

Austrian grading scale

  • 1 - Excellent - outstanding performance
  • 2 - Good - above average standard but some errors
  • 3 - Satisfactory - generally sound work with a number of notable errors
  • 4 - Sufficient - performance, where a strict diffentiation is not adequate
  • 5 - Unsatisfactory - substantial improvement required
  • Successfully completed - positive performance, where a strict differentiation is not adequate
  • Unsuccessfully completed- negative performance, where a strict differentiation is not adequate

Recommended ECTS grades (European grading system)

  • 1 - A
  • 2 - B
  • 3 - C
  • 4 - D/E
  • 5 - F

ECTS Credits

  • one academic year = 60 ECTS
  • one semester = 30 ECTS
Academic Calender