Welcome Center

Welcome to Montanuniversitaet Leoben: the Welcome Center is a central service and information platform for international degree seeking students, lecturers and researchers. Our aim is to assist prospective university members with their first steps towards their stay at Montanuniversitaet Leoben.

Our support service

  • Visa and Residence Titles in Austria
  • Finding accommodation in Leoben
  • Registration at the university
  • Austrian Health Insurance
  • Residence Registration
  • Confirmation of Registration for EU/EEA citizens
  • Doctors who speak English
  • German courses
  • Offers for university staff
  • Services of the city of Leoben (childcare facilities)


Detailed information for international prospective students:

Infos for international prospective students at a glance

Guidebook for international students


Detailed information for guest researchers and staff:

Guest researchers

STA - Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching

STT - Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training


Please contact the Welcome Center if international students/staff come to your institute. We will be happy to support you with information on topics related to the visit of international guests.