The ASEAN European Academic University Network (ASEA-UNINET) is a network of universities, consisting of European and South-East Asian universities with the goal of promoting the continuous internationalization of education and research.

ASEA-UNINET was founded in 1994 by Austrian and South-East Asian (Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese) universities with the mission...

  • to encourage and facilitate relationships between universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations and economic operators engaged in projects related to education, science, technology, innovation and art in the countries of the member universities,
  • to contribute research relevant to the world´s problems, specifically to the target areas set out in the sustainable development goals and implementing SDG´s slogan of “no one should be left behind”,
  • to enable and support cooperation between academic institutions in staff/student exchange, teaching and research activities,
  • to promote scientific, cultural and human relationships and personal contacts and to increase intercultural exchange and understanding.