MULisa mobility program

MULisa is the University's own grant program to support international student mobility worldwide and stands for "Montanuniversität Leoben International Study Abroad".

It is based on numerous already existing bilateral agreements with many partner universities around the globe and enables students to gain foreign university experience for one or two semesters free of tuition fees.

Just like the ERASMUS programs, a Learning Agreement is prepared in advance, so that all study achievements abroad can be recognized at the MUL upon return. In order to financially support the stay abroad, the MULisa program can also be used to apply for a Student Abroad Grant (Auslandskostenzuschuss).

  • Successful completion of first 2 semesters of Bachelor‘s program (60 ECTS). For visiting Master level courses abroad: successful completion of first 4 semesters of Bachelor’s program.
  • A mobility agreement must exist between home and host university.
  • At least 3 ECTS/month of the stay abroad must be acknowledged at the home institution after the stay. For research stays: a confirmation of the supervisor supporting the stay abroad/confirming the research progress must be handed in before and after the stay.
  • Purpose of stay: full-time study, writting parts of Bachelor/Master/PhD thesis
    • max. 1 study year

    For stays abroad (study exchanges, research stays, short stays and internships), the grant amount is based on the Erasmus+ grant rate for the country concerned (see "Ergänzender Leitfaden KA131 - 2022 ERASMUS+ Mobilität für Studierende und Hochschulpersonal", page 32 & 34).

    Erasmus+ funding for program countries in EU and EEA (see page 32 and Erasmus+ mobility grant).

    For partner countries regions 1-12 the monthly grant is 700€ per month.


    The Student Abroad Grant is provided by Montanuinversität and supports MUL students who pursue studying abroad. Details and prerequisites can be found at the Mitteilungsblatt (only in German).