A guide to your exchange semester at Montanuniversität

You would like to spend a semester or a whole academic year at Montanuniversitaet Leoben (MUL)?

The most important information for the necessary preparations and your stay with us can be found below. Should you have any further questions, we at MIRO will be happy to help you!

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon at Montanuniversitaet Leoben!

Would you like to find out about the courses available for exchange students?
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*Click on the button course catalogue to find courses; exchange students can choose from all study programs and courses available in the catalogue.

Your home university must nominate you for an exchange semester at MUL. Please contact the relevant office at your home university to find out which requirements have to be met.

After you have been nominated, you will receive a nomination e-mail from the coordinator at MIRO informing you about the next steps.

In the nomination email you will receive:

  • Information about the application process and a list of required application documents
  • Access data for the Mobility Online platform, where you have to upload your application and all necessary documents 
  • Information about available courses for your Learning Agreement in our Uni-Intranet MUonline

Please be aware of the application deadlines!

Your application can only be accepted if ALL required documents are submitted in time!

The processing of your application can take 4 to 6 weeks (after the application deadline).

Available courses and academic calender at MUL

After successful application we will send you the official Letter of Invitation of the University by mail as well as by post. This document is very important, as you will need it for the application for an Austrian visa/residence permit as well as for the official enrollment at our university.

Please check immediately after receipt that all details (name, mobility program, duration of stay) in this invitation letter are correct!

In the letter of invitation you will also find information about activities that are essential for you to complete/clarify before you arrive:

  • Visa
    Informiere dich über geltende Visa- und Einreisebestimmungen (LINK) und welche Art von Visum/Aufenthaltsgenehmigung du brauchst. Plane auf jeden Fall genügend Zeit für die Bearbeitung deines Antrags ein!
  • Housing
    A number of student dormitories are available to students. Early registration is strongly recommended.
    Our recommendation:OeAD-Guesthouse Mineroom, Josef-Heißl-Straße 26, 8700 Leoben
  • Insurance
    Check whether you need to take out health/travel insurance!
  • Preregistraton in MUonline
    As a student at MUL you will also get access to our intranet: MUonline. Before arrival, you must have already preregistered in MUonline in order to be able to enroll at MUL.
  • Orientation events
    Participation in the Welcome Orientation Day and Intensive Incoming English Course is compulsory. (except for students whose studies at their home university are held in English, whose native language is English, or those who only chose german courses in their LA)
  • …don't forget to orginze your travel arrangements in time ;-)

1. Registration of residence with the city of Leoben

All exchange students (EU-citizens and third-country nationals) have to register within three working days at the registration office of the city of Leoben ( Citizen Service Center at the city hall in Leoben, Erzherzog Johann-Straße 2).

Documents required for registration:

After registration you will receive a free confirmation of residence (Meldezettel).

  • EU/EEA-citizens: Registration certification
    EU/EEA citizens staying in Austria for more than three months have to apply for a registration certificate in addition to the registration of residence at the BH Leoben.
    The registration certificate is obligatory for EU/EEA citizens and Swiss citizens! Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a fine of up to 250€! 

2. Registration at MUL

After successful pre-registration, each student receives the following documents from MIRO:

1) Student ID card
2) Letter with PIN code and reference number to register in the MUonline system (IMPORTANT: Do NOT make a deposit until you receive this data, otherwise no payment allocation can be made)
3) Payment information for the ÖH-Beitrag  - student union fee   (payment can be made via online banking or with a payment form ? Here you can find a Sample to help you fill out the payment slip)

After paying the student union fee (ÖH-Beitrag), it can take up to 3 working days before you can log in to MUonline and register for courses.

3. Opening a bank account

For a longer stay in Leoben, a bank account at an Austrian bank is helpful. If you want to open a bank account here, you can do so with an official photo identification (passport, identity card) as well as the registration form and the confirmation of enrolment at a bank of your choice. Please check if any other documents are required to open a bank account - these may vary from bank to bank.

Infosheet: Banks in Leoben



All important course information (changes, course documents, etc.) will be sent to your student e-mail address of the MUL. Make sure to check it daily.

Welcome Orientation Day 

To ensure a good start at Montanuniversitaet Leoben, participation in the Welcome Orientation Day (WOD) is essential and obligatory for all new arrivals.

Intensive Incoming English Course

Participation in the Intensive Incoming English Course (free 2-week intensive course of 60 hours in total) is compulsory for all incoming students. Exceptions are students whose study program at their home university is held in English, whose native language is English or who have chosen only courses in German in their LA.

MIRO Events

MIRO organizes various events (Free Fridays) and excursions (free for incoming students), which are designed to introduce incoming students to Austrian culture and traditions. MIRO will inform you about these events in time.

Share your experiences: Tag us in your Instagram or Facebook posts. We look forward to sharing your stories on our social media channels.

Before the departure from Leoben there are some things to do:

  • Stop by MIRO: Make sure you have all the documents and signatures required by your home university (e.g. confirmation of stay/departure)
  • Residence deregistration: Residence deregistration: Deregister your place of residence within 3 days before departure at the same place where you registered on arrival (Citizen Service Center at the city hall Leoben, Erzherzog Johann-Straße 2)
  • Housing: Make sure that you have arranged everything with your accommodation (deposit refund, etc.)
  • Insurance: Check the procedure to cancel your Austrian insurance (if you have one)
  • Bank account: If you have opened one on your arrival, close your Austrian bank account before departure
  • Transcript of Records: It is sent by mail to the coordinator of your home university. Only courses that have been successfully completed are listed on the transcript of records. Certificates of attendance will NOT be issued for courses that have a negative grade.


Find all deadlines, informaton about application, Visa and more for the study year 22/23 briefly summerized in our Factsheet for exchange students

The detailed Infos from this webpage can be found in our detailed Guide: Welcome Guide for Incoming Students , feel free to print or save localy on your server have it at hand any time.