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A Guide to your semester abroad


You are interested in doing part of your studies abroad, but don't quite know how to realize your plans?
Here you will find a brief overview of the most important steps.

As soon as you have an idea of where you want to go, we at MIRO can help you with the planning and preparations.

Simply contact outgoing(at)unileoben.ac.at to arrange a personal consultation and let's start the journey!

It is recommended to start at least one year before the planned start of your stay!



Choose from the current list of our worldwide partneruniversities to find the institution of your choice.

When applying, you can select up to three universities in order of preference. On the websites of "your" universities you will find information in advance about the required language skills, possible restrictions on fields of study, the required study level or the choice of subjects.


You should acquire the language skills you need as an exchange student at your chosen university at an early stage. In any case we recommend a preparatory language course at the Language center (ZSBK) of Montanuniversitaet.

If a standardized language test is required (e.g.: TOEFL, IELTS, D.E.L.E.), it is important to clarify the following questions before application:

  •     How far in advance do I have to register for the language test?
  •     Where can I take the test?
  •     How long does it take until the results are available?


Different countries often have quite considerable differences in the cost of living. Therefore, you should think about the financing possibilities in advance and clarify the following points:

  • Which grants and scholarships are available for my planned stay?
  • What are the prerequisites for it?
  • How high is the financial support?


In order to ensure that all course achievements made abroad can be recognised for your studies at home, you need to prepare a Learning Agreement (LA). Clarify your planned stay abroad and the general recognition of the selected courses in advance with the lecturers and your respective departmental coordinator using your Learning Agreement Proposal (LA-P).

After successful application at MIRO, the LA-P has to be signed by the departmental coordinator. Afterwards you will be nominated by MIRO at your choosen host institution.

Exams that have already been taken with a negative result cannot be retaken abroad.

Useful tips for setting up the LA-P:

  • Search in the current subject catalogue of your chosen university for suitable courses for your semester abroad and the corresponding courses at MUL for which they will be credited. (Contact the host institution if necessary, or use information from previous years as a guide)
    • Enter the courses in the document "Learning Agreement-Proposal" (LA-P)

    • You can find many courses that have already been successfully credited in the past in the MIRO equivalence lists. No approval from lecturers is required for this courses. Just note in the right column of your LA-P: "creditable according to MIRO equivalence list"

    • ECTS crediting to free elective subjects is possible, but only up to the maximum number of credits as defined in the curriculum of your study program

    • Add "substitute courses" in your LA-P, in case courses are not offered or if schedules overlap

    • If necessary, the LA can also be adjusted after you have submitted your application. Please note, however, that all changes must be approved again and again and that this takes time!

    • Make sure to submit a separate LA-P for at least two of your chosen universities! If there are no places left at your first ranked university, the nomination deadlines for a second university can still be met.


Application materials differ depending on the program you apply for.

>> Find the checklists for all programs here <<

You can also find all application forms online!

Application documents can only be accepted if they have been filled out on a PC. The documents must be submitted 1x in printed form to MIRO and 1x digitally as PDF: outgoing(at)unileoben.ac.at


    Before the beginning of your stay abroad you have to apply for prerecognition of the planned courses at your host university at the Admission's office (Studien und Lehrgänge). In order to do so the courses need to be approved by the respective study program coordinator (signing of Learning Agreement), entered into MUonline and handed in at the Admission's office. Afterwards, the confirmation of pre-recognition (Vorausbescheid) will be issued.

    - 15 June for upcoming winter semester/study year
    - 15 December for upcoming summer semester
    After your stay abroad the succesfully completed courses at your host university have to be put  into the Learning Agreement ("after the mobility"), signed by the respective study program coordinator, entered into MUonline and handed in at the Admission's office (Studien und Lehrgänge) together with the transcript of records from your host university. Afterwards, the confirmation of recognition (Anerkennungsbescheid) will be issued.

    Within 8 weeks after completion your the stay abroad