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Student Abroad Grant for international internships


Students who are doing an internship in a non-European country can apply for the Student Abroad Grant for international internships. 

A suitable internship spot is organized by the student him-/herself. The application for the Student Abroad Grant is made at MIRO.

Application requirements

    • An internship is already possible from the first semester of your study program
  • The internship has to last at least 2 months an can max. last 10 months
  • It has to be a full-time internship
  • All application documents must be submitted at MIRO one month before the start of the internship.

Student Abroad Grant

Depending on the host country the Student Abroad Grant can vary between € 146 and € 582 per month.

INFO: The Student Abroad Grant can be applied for regardless of whether the internship is paid or unpaid.

Important notes

  •  More details can be found in the official Newsletter (Mitteilungsblatt/only available in German)